Small, recycled dwellings

As we research a possible relocation and downsizing our abode, I have considered a bit of a compound of little buildings clustered together. Here, they take the concept further having bundled shipping containers into colorful, purposeful, pleasant (?) dwellings.

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Flexible Roof Solar Panels

How hot! Two of my favorite technologies meet. Metal roofs plus roll out flexible solar panels!! However, here in Washington, with my luck moss would grow along the edges and create a maintenance nightmare (sigh).

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Shipping Container: ReUse

There has never before been more market incentive to green up all new products. We’ve talked in course after course about trends and where the world of the web will take us. Well, nowhere fast if we can’t boot up a oil produced, energy hogging device to connect. Alternatives? If free Internet access is key to the improvement of mankind’s condition on earth, we need to start yesterday to design devices that are recyclable, small, regenerated by the sun or pedal power and simple to use. We should consider the life cycle usability of our computing purchases. Or maybe we should just get magnifying glasses and buy a Frog Design Motorola wrist computer and set up a solar powered battery to recharge it

Below, see the unique solution for the problem of “what to do with all those excess unused, shipping containers stacked near our Ports?”

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(Original Post 04/09) One of the ways I am saving money, eating better and reducing waste is to keep sacks of organic spinach in my freezer.  I then cook something with them for the two of us to eat for 2 to 3 days.  My favorite is Saag, followed by next favorite of a spinach quiche with whatever leftovers I have in the fridge or freezer and yellow onions I always keep of sack of in the pantry.  I make my crust quick either using a frozen one I either made or bought and have stored, or a store bought refrigerated one. (I don’t have enough counter space to roll out dough at present.)

Wise Bread offers these 25 Spinach Recipes

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Small Gifts at a Distance

(Original Post 12/06/09) If you’d rather stay home and shop online, Etsy has an excellent site where artisans post their products direct for many low cost, unique items.  You can shop through a World Map search, finding that perfect item in anywhere in the world. Find a Locally made product or search through Time to see either what is recently been added. For that perfect match, browse by Color.  Probably the greenest options would be to either select Category/Vintage and peruse previously used items OR enter repurposed into the Handmade search box. Then you can enter a price range, to stay within budget!  I also noticed a new term to me, ‘upcycled’.

Am finding most under $10 gifts pretty much chick focused like this pretty pendant by papermoondesigns.


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Urban Craft Uprising: Seattle

(Original Post 12/05/08) The first weekend in December at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall, urban crafters are gathering and there should be lots of unique, handmade gift choices available.

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Green Christmas: 3 Goals

(Original Post 11/30/08) We’ve been considering how to gift responsibly and with fiscal reason this year.  A few clear options come to mind for adult-to-adult gifting.  After all, we have a number of Christmas seasons under out belt and would not feel left out if we don’t receive gifts.  However, our kid relatives/friends might think otherwise.  So I am playing with these gift objectives:

  1. Low or no cost
  2. Recycled, efficient use of materials, recyclable or uses materials already possessed
  3. Educational and/or promotes our values and/or supports a charity
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